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  The company was founded in 1996 as a vehicle to provide technical sales support and expertise in the field of high voltage capacitor application and harmonic problem solving.
  Fifteen years later and the company has four areas of activity:
  Design and manufacture of high voltage capacitor equipment incorporating Cooper Power Systems
  Specialist consultancy in the field of harmonic distortion
  Fabrication of HV Steel Structures
  Sales agents for Cooper Power Systems Transmission Product Line
  With over 25 years experience in the field of high voltage capacitor applications and harmonic control we can offer an unrivalled service backed up by high quality products.
Systems Power are pleased
to offer ex-stock Cooper Power Systems power capacitors. Quality power capacitors that can replace any manufacturers' capacitors at competitive rates.
For detailed technical information visit Cooper Power Systems, or contact SYSTEMS POWER
Metal enclosed substation capacitor banks...
Multi stage 33kV metal enclosed capacitor banks
11kV multi stage automatically controlled
4.16kV automatically controlled multi-stage metal
Replacement Capacitor units
Metal Enclosed Capacitor Banks
Detuned Capacitor Banks
Harmonic Filters
Custom made steelwork
Substation structures to client..
Steel pillars and beams
Elevating structures for electrical...
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