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  1. Metal enclosed substation capacitor banks rated 11 & 33kV, IP54 for Middle East with ratings from 1 through to 10mVAr, complete with full safety interlocking, off load isolator and earth switch and inrush current limiting reactors.
  2. Multi-stage 33kV metal enclosed capacitor banks complete with vacuum circuit breakers, inrush current limiting reactors and unbalanced protection.
  3. 11kV multi stage automatically controlled detuned capacitor banks complete with stage switching contactors, detuning reactors, safety interlocking scheme and fully automated protection and control panels.
  4.. 4.16kV automatically controlled Multi-stage metal enclosed capacitor banks complete with full protection and control scheme. System also incorporates safety interlocking scheme.
  5. 3mVAr (3 x 1mVAr) 11.5kV automatically controlled IP54 metal enclosed capacitor banks complete with Vacuum Contactors, HRC Fuses, Inrush Current Limiting Reactors and Isolator. Systems included separate control and protection panels with VAR control relays and unbalance protection.
  6. Control and protection panels for multi limb 33kV harmonic filters including commissioning and on site training.
  7. Manufacture and supply of galvanised steel structures for 500kV MSCDN situated in high seismic areas of California.
  8. Design, manufacture and supply of harmonic filter protection panel for 11 multi limb harmonic filters (11kV).
  9. Manufacture and assemble 90mVAr, 20kV outdoor capacitor bank for wind-farm application.
  10. Manufacture, assemble and interconnect steel rack assemblies for 400kV MSCDN projects in the UK.
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